We turn your customers into true fans!

Local Loyalty Group is your partner for creative local marketing in your supermarket. Our vision is clear: we believe supermarkets succeed when they turn customers into fans. We transform your customers into ambassadors and treat them to an experience that lasts!

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But… How do you turn your customers into true fans?

By making a distinction locally within your market area, you turn new or existing customers into true fans.

To help you get started, we have identified several local touchpoints for you based on our local marketing plan.


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Show local pride with a Local Bigshopper, a Puzzle, or both!

At Local Loyalty Group, we strongly believe in the power of local connections and pride. It’s not merely about the products; it’s about showcasing the unique essence of your community. Our Local Bigshoppers, adorned with charming local drawings, serve not only as functional carriers but also as vibrant billboards for your supermarket.

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Connect through local associations with our sports and historical savings campaigns for a guaranteed revenue growth of +7-12%.

The loyalty of your customers is of great value for the continuity of your supermarket. It is essential to bind customers to your store while attracting new ones. At Local Loyalty Group, we are committed to strengthening local connections by collaborating with various associations. A fine example of this is our initiatives with both sports clubs and historical societies.

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How can we further assist you with local marketing?

Call or email us! You can also fill out the contact form anytime. We’ll be happy to get in touch with you within 24 hours.