Boost revenue 7-12% with our Local Sports and History Campaigns

The loyalty of your customers is of great value for the continuity of your supermarket. It is essential to bind customers to your store while attracting new ones. At Local Loyalty Group, we are committed to strengthening local connections by collaborating with various associations. A fine example of this is our initiatives with both sports clubs and historical societies.

Community connections: Celebrating local heroes and heritage

Our involvement in sports card campaigns goes beyond a collecting hobby; it is a way to connect local communities. By partnering with sports clubs, we offer customers the opportunity to honor and support their local heroes. Additionally, we participate in historical campaigns in collaboration with local historical societies. By gathering historical photos, stories, and organizing events with a historical touch, we revive the history of the local area. Thus, your supermarket transforms not only into a place for modern shopping but also into a hub of local heritage values.

What can you expect from these campaigns?

  • Meeting the increasing demand for exclusive and personalized products
  • Creating a unique shopping experience for your customers
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Strengthening the bond with your local community
  • Stimulating customer loyalty
  • Achieving a significant increase in customer satisfaction and repeat visits to your supermarket, with a guaranteed revenue growth of +7-12%.

Would you like to take advantage of this unique opportunity to strengthen your supermarket? Do not hesitate to contact us today to set up your own local savings campaign.

How can we further assist you with local marketing?

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